Halkidiki - Paradise in a single word

     The beautiful peninsula of Northern Greece is  a pole of attraction for hundreds of thousands tourists from all over the world for many years now.Halkidiki is a magical, blessed place dipped in green and blue.Exotic,lacy beaches with blue waters and golden ,sandy beaches as well as green pinewood slopes form the scene of this secret earthly paradise with the name Halkidiki(bearing the name Halkidiki).Visitors have the opportunity to choose between a plethora of accommodation for their stay from luxurious hotel businesses (5 stars) to budget, rented rooms and organized and non-organized campings.

      In the taste sector the dreamy peninsula is ready to surprise even the most demanding palates with gourmet, luxurious restaurants (with awards winning chefs) as well as quiet, family taverns with traditional products and local dishes. As for its nightlife,it has nothing to envy of other cosmopolitan destinations since it has beach bars, casino, bars, night clubs and on the opposite shore for the folklore supporters every year festivals, concerts, cultural events, feasts with local products and local celebrations in honor of the Saints and their memory take place.

          Swimming at its magical beaches, water sports, relaxation in deluxe spas, hiking and cycling routes in virgin landscapes of natural beauty, visiting archaeological places and museums or the homeland of Aristotle, -Stagira, organized mini -cruises and trips  to the seashore of Mount Athos, the unique,alive  Museum of Byzantine Culture with its immovable /unattended monuments of Christianity as well as walks in the picturesque hamlets  and traditional settlements are only a few of the activities in which travelers can indulge.

       All the above and many more create the enchanting mosaic of the ultimate summer holidays  that visitors can experience in Halkidiki. A brand new, dreamy place, Halkidiki awaits you to explore it!